The Committee On Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS)
Strategic Implementation Team (SIT)


SIT is a CEOS body established by Plenary to address the role and function of the space component in an Integrated Global Observing Strategy (IGOS). This also includes the identification of the interactive mechanisms required to enhance space-based and in-situ observing systems through facilitating cooperation between provider and user communities.

SIT participants are Senior Representatives of agencies who are prepared to contribute actively to the development and implementation of IGOS, act with authority, and make commitments on behalf of their respective agencies.


SIT aims to demonstrate the economic, societal and political importance of global observations, through:

- encouraging joint planning between agencies, between observing systems, and between observation categories (eg. space based, in-situ, direct, airborne, shipborne) at strategic, campaign (mission) and project levels;

- extracting the maximum value from national investments in observation programs, recognising their relevance to regional and global observation needs. (eg. through relatively modest extensions in funding and application); and

- demonstrating the benefits of an integrated approach to global observations in time-frames consistent with budgetary cycles.

Through CEOS agencies, SIT may make recommendations to appropriate national and international bodies on methods to improve observation efficiency, eg resolution, sensor type, coverage, data management, data compatibility/interoperability/utilisation. Agencies will also require an assessment of the status of observation systems to facilitate the identification of gaps and unnecessary overlaps with current and planned systems.

SIT actively encourages the involvement of developing countries as contributors and participants in an IGOS.

SIT aims to accomplish world-wide adoption of the fundamental concept of an IGOS so that it is owned and shared by all of the key players in global observations, including the International Group of Funding Agencies, the Global Observing Systems (Oceans, Climate and Terrestrial - the G3OS), their Sponsoring Organisations, the World Climate Research Program, and the International Geosphere Biosphere Program. This partnership framework will facilitate effective priority setting, program planning and resource investment to realise a comprehensive strategy for global observations as the core purpose of IGOS.

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