On 5-20 August I visited my son Alex, daughter-in-law Mahalia and their family in Quebec. It was a chance to catch up with my grandchildren Benjamin (now 7 1/2) and Alie (5). One day we went to the zoo and aquatic park at Granby. For my birthday, we had a party at home and danced the evening away. Then we spent four days at the Quebec Bahá'í Summer School at a beautiful camp on a lake in St. Alphonse de Rodriguez, Quebec.


The zoo was compact but with most of the animals you expect in zoos, so the children had a lot of fun. In the afternoon, it rained, but as they had planned to spend time in the aquatic park within the zoo playing in the water, it did not make much difference. Some of our Baha'i friends joined us with their children. Afterwards we saw more animal exhibits including parakeets you could feed.

Mahalia and Alex . Benji . Alie
Mahalia and Alex; Benji; Alie

Camel ride, Alie & Alex . Camel ride, Benji . Benji
Riding a dromedary and a camel; Benji preferred the bumper cars

Alie . Benji, Alie, emu . Benji and Alex
There were animal exhibits from all over the world

wave pool . Alie and Alex . Benji
The aquatic park had fountains to play in, and a pool with a wave machine
wave pool

feeding parakeets . feeding parakeets . feeding parakeets
Benji and Mahalia feeding the parakeets


The family celebrated my birthday with a fancy dinner, 3 birthday cakes, and disco dancing in the living room, complete with flashing coloured lights and Alex as DJ. All three generations participated: Benji, Alie and Jérémie; Mahalia and Alex; and grandparents Lise Gagnon (Mahalia's mother) and me.

disco atmosphere . Alex, Mahalia, Benji and Alie . Lise, Alie, Jeremie, Benji
In the disco atmosphere, all the family joined in

Alie . Benji and Lise . Benji and Jeremie . Alie

Benji and Alie . Lise, Benji, Mahalia . Lise, Benji . Benji, Alie

Benji . Benji . Benji . Benji . Benji . Benji
Benji is a superb dancer, following the music closely with extravagant but carefully controlled gestures

Alex, Benji, Alie . Alex
A good time was had by all


The whole family spent four wonderful days at the Quebec Bahá'í Summer School at Camp Papillon of the Quebec Society for Handicapped Children on Lake Pierre in St.-Alphonse-de-Rodriguez, Quebec. The theme was "Tous ensemble en soutien aux jeunes générations" (All together in support of the young generations). There were nearly 200 participants of all ages, including a special camp for 35 pre-adolescents who contributed a lot to the programme. The were all sorts of sports activities: swimming, canoeing and kayaking on the lake, fishing, archery, soccer football, volleyball, trampoline, and campfires after the evening programme. With talented musicians of all ages, there was no shortage of music. Video of the summer school.

group photo
Quebec Baha'i Summer School 2013

Lake Pierre . Pierre Lake . Pierre Lake
The camp was in a superb setting on a peninsula in the lake

Pierre LakePierre Lakeforest
There were cottages scattered in the forest around the lake, and a path along the lakeside

class . class . class
The classes included sessions on the pre-youth programme and how to support the youth in thier efforts

dialogie with junior youth . class . Elizabeth Wright
There was a session of dialogue with the pre-youth, and a wrap-up by National Assembly member Elizabeth Wright

gathering for photo . gathering for photo . lunch line
Gathering for the group photo; lunch line

The pre-youth (11-14 years) were featured throughout the programme
Junior youth banner
"free the power of the pre-youth"
Junior youth
The capacities and awareness of the pre-youth were amazing

Junior youth . Junior youth . Junior youth
They heard and responded to questions and comments from the adults, including their parents

Children's class presentations . Children's class presentations with Alie . Children's class presentations with Alie
Each children's class presented the results of their work in art, song and acting; Alie is in white
Children's class presentations with Alie . Children's class presentations . Children's class presentations
Each age group participated
Jr. youth presentation . Jr. youth presentation .
The junior youth presented a skit acting out the prayer "Blessed is the spot..."

Music group with Alex . Music group with Alex . Junior youth singing
Different musical groups formed spontaneously, Alex was drummer; the junior youth also sang

choiryoung saxaphonist . Jr. youth group
A choir was formed and sang several compositions; a young saxaphonist; some junior youth formed their own group

iroquoisold singer . young singer
An Iroquois jazz musician attracted a whole group of singers old and young

dancers There was also dancing

belly dancers with Alie . belly dancers with Alie . belly dancers with Alie
The belly dance, including my granddaughter Alie was very popular...
many belly dancers with Alie . dancing . dancing
so many people joined in; dancing continued into the night

campfire . campfire . campfire
No camp would be complete without campfires and excellent improvised music from all ages

campfire . campfire . campfire 


water sports . water sports . water sports
There was canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding on the lake
water sports . water sports

Volleyball . Volleyball . Trampoline
Others played volleyball: Alie liked the trampoline

Football . Football . Football
The football teams included players of all ages, including Alex and Benji
Football . football . football

football . football . football

Mahalia, Benji and Alie in session . Alie singing . Alex and Mahalia
Mahalia, Benji and Alie watch the presentations; Alie with her class; Alex and Mahalia

Mahalia, Alex and Alie with friend . Benji and Alex playing football . Alex . Benji and Alex at football
Alie, Mahalia, Alex and friend; Benji and Alex played football
football . Alex and Benji at football . Alex and Benji at football
Alex in offense, Benji played well in defense against much bigger players

Alex fishing . getting ready for canoeing . Benji and Alex
Alex fishing; Benji, Alex and Alie get ready to go canoeing; Alex in a kayak with Benji crossing the lake in a paddle boat

Benji in paddle boat . Alex in kayak . Benji and Alex
Benji paddled hard; Alex was expert as usual; coming ashore

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