International Coral Reef 
Action Network
a programme for the world's coral reefs

The International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) is an integrated and collaborative programme to halt and reverse the decline in health of the world's coral reefs. Through assessment, awareness-raising, training and demonstration projects in four Regional Seas, ICRAN will catalyse action worldwide. ICRAN is an initiative of six global organizations active in coral reef conservation and sustainable use, supported by the United Nations Foundation. 

The ICRAN founding partners 
International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM) 
United Nations Environment Programme 
Division of Environmental Information, Assessment & Early Warning (UNEP-DEIA&EW) 
World Resources Institute (WRI) 
UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) 
Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN) 
International Coral Reef Initiative-Secretariat (ICRI-Secretariat) 
Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) 


The ICRAN programme partners will conduct a set of inter-linked, highly complementary activities to enable the proliferation of good practices for coral reef management and conservation. Strategic on-the-ground action will be implemented through the UNEP Regional Seas Programmes in four areas (the Caribbean, South-east Asia, Eastern Africa and the South Pacific) and will be combined with assessment and information to enhance effective management of people's actions and their impacts upon coral reefs. 

ICRAN is a catalytic effort that, up until now, has never been attempted on a global scale. It represents a unique collaboration with some of the most important international organizations in coral reef science and conservation. This co-ordination among key partners, who are already working towards reversing the decline of coral reefs around the world, is an attempt to combine efforts to achieve the urgent, common goal identified in the International Coral Reef Initiative “Call to Action”. The United Nations Foundation (UNF) is providing the means to carry out this crucial work. However, ICRAN is not simply a continuation of works in progress; the purpose of the Network is to accelerate and more effectively integrate key information with good management practices and increased awareness of coral reef resources. 

ICRAN outcomes will be spread across in three critically important areas of activity: 

1. Implementation
- A global network of demonstration sites for Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) and Marine Protected Areas (MPA): to serve as models in good governance for better protection of coral reefs combined with social and economic development.
- Training materials tailored to the needs of coral reef managers in all regions, and a global network of trained coastal management trainers.
- Establishment of a Coral Reef Fund to support coral reef management and conservation activities beyond the project period. 

2. Assessment
- A series of regional Reefs at Risk publications: region by region geographical analyses of the threats to coral reefs. 
- A complete overhaul of ReefBase to enhance its function as the global repository for data on coral reefs. Dissemination of ReefBase on CD-ROM and via the Internet will provide access to all information generated under ICRAN
- Enhancement of the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network (GCRMN) to provide field data on coral reef health and on the status of reef-dependent peoples. 

3. Public-Awareness
- A set of public information materials aimed at increasing interest and improving knowledge about coral reefs worldwide. These will include a World Atlas of Coral Reefs and a compendium of best-practice guidelines for coral reef management.
- Enhanced awareness of coral reef conservation and proper management through a worldwide public information campaign, including both mass media and the provision of materials to NGOs and schools. 
- Further enhancement of ICRI's capacity to promote and affect policy reforms specifically to encourage the commitment of governments and international agencies to protect coral reef resources for future generations. 

Through these combined activities, demonstrate a documented improvement in management practices leading to reduced threats to coral reefs and a net increase in coral reef health

The UN Foundation has funded the one-year Start-up Phase to begin many of ICRAN's core activities. A Strategic Plan is being prepared and will identify the priorities for the four-year Action Phase - from 2001 to 2004. With initial UNF support, ICRAN aims to create a functioning network in selected coral reef regions of the world. ICRAN then intends to expand its global network, and seek counterpart funding that will eventually replace and sustain its key activities. 

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Prepared by UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre
UN System-wide Earthwatch Coordination, Geneva