Baku, Azerbaijan

On 2-6 June I traveled to Baku, Azerbaijan, to facilitate a UNEP-organized Integrated Approach to Environmental Sustainability in Development Planning National Workshop for government officials and academics on integrating the Sustainable Development Goals at the national level. The workshop was held at the ADA University, and was followed the next day, World Environment Day, by a high-level International Conference Stakes and Solutions of Climate Change in preparation for the UN Climate Conference (COP21) in Paris in December. For other pictures of Baku, see my previous visit in 2012.

view of Baku . view of Baku
Views of Baku from my hotel room

UNEP workshop on Integrated Approach to Environmental Sustainability

The opening session included talks by the French Ambassador, the UN Resident Coordinator, the Deputy Minister for Ecology and Natural Resources, and the UNEP Regional Coordinator Mahir Aliyev (one of my former students in Environment Diplomacy). The Vice Rector of ADA University gave an opening keynote on the global challenges for sustainability. I introduced the Sustainable Development Goals, and my UNEP colleague Wondwosen Askane presented the UNEP contribution to these challenges.
opening session . French Ambassador speaking . UNDP Representative and ADA Vice Rector
The opening session; H.E. Pascal Meunier, Ambassador of France speaking; Dr. Rameshwar Kanwar, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, ADA University, presided

UNDP Representative speaking . Deputy Minister speaking . ADA Vice-Rector and chairman
UN Resident Coordinator Antonius Broek speaking; Rauf Hajiyev, Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, speaking; Dr. Kanwar's opening keynote

part of the audience part of the audience

The afternoon included the Director of the Institute of Sustainable Development in Moscow speaking on integrated approaches, after which I presented a scenario for discussion on the phasing out of fossil fuels after the UN Climate Conference and how the government would need to integrate its response. A variety of ideas for positive responses were discussed.

Conference on Climate Change

The Conference on Stakes and Solutions of Climate Change: governmental action, civil society's commitment and technological solutions was addressed by Dr. Hussein Baghirov, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, and attracted wide press coverage. The afternoon included two panels on civil society involvement and on technological solutions.

Minister for Environment . Conference opening . audience and press
The Minister's opening talk; the opening session; a large audience and press for the Minister's speech

press interview with Minister . press interview with Minister . press interview with Minister
Press interviews with the Minister and other personalities after the opening

afternoon panel . part of audience
An afternoon panel, and part of the audience

The two events were very complementary, and hopefully will lead to progress at the national level.

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