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These are subjects in which I am personally interested, apart from my work on such things as islands, coral reefs, and indicators of sustainable development on my professional pages.

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My personal interests linked above range from religion to art.

The first section features my recent activities, regularly updated (most recent first), with links as relevant to other parts of my sites.

Since I spend about a third of my time traveling, it is more than a hobby. Between professional trips (that continue even though I am formally retired), travel for the Bahá'í Faith, and visits to family, I have managed to travel to more than 80 countries. Here are photo albums of some of my recent trips.

There is no easy way to describe the influence the The Bahá'í Faith has had on my life, since the principles, values and vision of this new world religion have been determinant in everything I have done or tried to do. From the beginning, they set me on a path of service to humanity. The official Bahá'í web site is For information on my Bahá'í activities see my Bahá'í curriculum vitae. Since I am frequently invited by Bahá'í communities to give lectures, I have included a page of some of my Topics for talks, apart from those in my professional fields.

The International Environment Forum is a Bahá'í-inspired organization which I helped to found in 1997. It combines my professional and personal interests, as it bridges the worlds of science and religion, and tries to be of service to the world by applying spiritual principles to the practical problems of the environment and sustainability. Many of my papers on these topics can be found on this site, along with many other resources.

I cannot encourage others to be sustainable and to care for the environment without practicing it myself. Here I share some of my own efforts for a sustainable lifestyle, and some of my thinking and book reviews in my blogs.

Now that my children are off and married, my family is taking on new dimensions. This photo album covers four generations: my parents, my brothers, my wife and children, and my grandchildren.

My life in pictures from infancy to the present was originally collected to illustrate a magazine article. They are some bits and pieces of a kind of photo biography, until the day when I can begin to write down my own stories as people often ask me to.

My little chalet in the forest is where I practice my main hobby and recreation, which has always been rebuilding and landscaping old houses. Working with my hands, or digging in the garden, have always been an essential break from intellectual work and the office routine of an international civil servant. I no longer need a big house for a family, so now I spend part of my time at this little chalet in the forest in France. These pages show the natural beauties of my forest in different seasons, my neighbourhood, and some of my activities there.

As a resident of Switzerland, I spend the majority of my time in Geneva in the municipality of Vernier, living in a tiny apartment. Vernier has some amazing parks and gardens for an urban community, and these pages show some of my activities there.

I have lived in (and helped to create) some beautiful homes and gardens in my life. Here are pictures of some of them.

Art and beauty are a much a part of my life as science and religion. Among the artists whose work I admire, Mark Tobey (1890-1976) has a special place. Here you will see why.

Another art form I practice is photography. Starting as a teenager, photography has been for me a scientific tool, a way of recording places, events and people, and a way of capturing the beauty of the world around me.

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