My family seems very close despite the distances that separate us. Between e-mail and the telephone, we manage to keep in touch, and this web site also helps. My older brother Keith lived most of his life in American Samoa, my brother Roger is in Illinois and my brother Gregory, his wife Emi and three children are between Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and London for the moment (see also Travel pages for Bulgaria and California). My wife Martine has settled in the Bourgogne region in central France, my daughter Agnès and her husband Bahador and daughters Lia and Laleh and son Luca are in Geneva (not that I see them any more than anyone else) and my son Alexander and his wife Mahalia Gagnon, stepson Jérémie, my grandson Benjamin and granddaughters Alie and Nalah are in Quebec (see also Travel pages for Quebec for other family pictures). Jérémie and his partner Marianne have now given me a great-grandson Kovu. The earth is but one country...
See also my family photo album for family pictures down through the years.

AD as baby
Arthur (me)
ca. 1943

Arthur Lyon Dahl
Me (today)

See also My Life in Pictures
Martine, Agnes and
Alexander in 1979
Family 1979
1 + 1 = 4
(this is biology,
not math)



Martine Caillard Dahl

Martine (my wife)



Agnes & Bahador
Agnès and Bahador
Agnes and Bahador

Bahador, Lia, Agnes 2014
Bahador, Lia and Agnes 2014

Agnes and Bahador
Agnes and Bahador after Laleh's birth 2014

Agnes and Laleh 2015
Agnes and Laleh 2015

Laleh 2018
Laleh 2018

The Dahl-Farhoumands

Agnès and Bahador
and children
Lia, Laleh and Luca

Geneva, Switzerland

Agnes is a doctor working in
emergency pediatrics in a clinic in Geneva,
Bahador is an engineer

Agnes and Lia Sept.2012
Agnès with Lia born 9 July 2012

Laleh Manon Farhoumand
Laleh born 20 December 2014

Luca Arthur Keyhan Farhoumand
Luca born 4 March 2017

Luca 1 year old
Luca 1 year old
my daughter Agnès
Agnes Dahl-Farhoumand


Lia 2015
Lia 2015

Lia 2018
Lia 2018
Alexander Dahl
Alexander Dahl

Wedding 2004
Wedding 2004

Alex & Mahalia
Mahalia and Alex in their
new home Sept. 2005

Nalah and Alex 2014
Nalah and Alex 2014

The Gagnon-Dahls

my son Alexander and
 Mahalia Gagnon

and children

Jérémie and Marianne have given me a
great grandson Kovu

Lévis, Québec,

Alex is an independent
information systems architect
and Mahalia is an educator

Mahalia & Alex 2013

granddaughter Nalah
Nalah, my granddaughter
born 3 February 2014

Nalah Aug. 2014
Nalah, August 2014

Mahalia Gagnon
Mahalia Gagnon

Mahalia, Jérémie, Alex 2004

at Pentrez Plage
Mahalia, Alex, Benjamin 2007

Mahalia and Nalah 2014
Mahalia and Nalah 2014

Nalah 2018
Nalah 2018

Benjamin Dayyan Thomas
Ruhu'llah Gagnon-Dahl
born 7 November 2005

Alex and Benjamin
Alex and Benjamin

Benjamin and Alex in
December 2005

My grandson Benjamin, Oct. 2007

Benjamin July 2008
July 2008

Benjamin 2008
Benjamin December 2008

Jeremie in Haifa
my step-grandson

My granddaughter
Alie Gagnon-Dahl
born 7 January 2008

Alie July 2008
Alie July 2008

Alie December 2008
Alie December 2008


Alie 2011
Alie, August 2011

Alie August 2013
Alie, August 2013

Alie 2014
Alie, August 2014

Benji 2011
Benji, August 2011

Benji August 2013
Benji, August 2013

Benjamin 2014
Benji, August 2014

Mahalia and children 2011
Mahalia with children, August 2011

Jérémie August 2013
Jérémie, August 2013

Jéramie and me 2014
Jérémie and me 2014

Alex 2017
Alex 2017

Benji 2018
Benji 2018
Benji at science park

Paris 2017
Alex and grandchildren in Paris, 2017

In Quebec 2018
in Quebec 2018

Great-grandson Kovu 2018

grandchildren 2017
Grandchildren Benjamin, Jérémie and Alie 2017

Alie 2018
Alie 2018


Keith Dahl
My older brother Keith
lived for 37 years in American Samoa
as a Baha'i pioneer, businessman and avid photographer. He left 780,000 photos of the people of Samoa to the photo archives of American Samoa

Keith 1967
Keith golfing 1967

Keith Gordon Dahl
My brother Keith passed away in Samoa on 9 December 2012 at the age of 72

Keith Dahl 2008

My younger brother Roger
lives in Illinois, USA.
He is Archivist Emeritus in the National Baha'i Archives
Roger Dahl

Roger and Keith Dahl
Roger and Keith
Greg is the only brother with a family
His wife Emi is Bulgarian
Emi, Joyce and Mina
Emi Dahl with Joyce and Mina 2007

Mina Greg 2013
Mina and Greg 2013

Mina, Gregory and Joyce
Mina, Gregory and Joyce at my chalet 2014

at my chalet 2014
Mina, Gregory and Joyce 2014

My youngest brother Greg
retired from the IMF
and lives in Bulgaria and Czech Republic with his family
Greg Dahl

see other pictures of Greg's family in my Bulgaria and California trips on the Travel page

April 2013
April 2013

May Lake 2013
in the High Sierras 2013

Chalet August 2014
Dahl family at my chalet, August 2014

Gregory and Joyce are twins
Mina is 18 months younger
Gregory Dahl
Greggie 2007

Greggie Joyce 2013
the twins Greggie and Joyce
April 2013

Joyce on school calendar
Joyce in her school calendar 2013

Gregory and Joyce at 16
Gregory and Joyce on their 16th birthday

Carrie and twins
Carrie and her twins

Mica and Cami 2013
Cami and Mica 2013

I also have a
niece and nephew from Greg's previous marriage:

Carrie Smith-Dahl
and her twins Cami and Mica
live in Oakland, California, USA.
Carrie teaches film-making

Ian Smithdahl, his wife Stephanie Wagner and sons Gabriel and Samuel
live in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Ian is a web site designer, artist
and stay-at-home father.
Stephanie is a lawyer

family blog at

inactive web site

Dahls in California 2014
back: Mina, me, Carrie, Cami
front: Greg, Gregory, Emi, Joyce, Mica
California August 2014

Carrie Smith-Dahl

Ian Smith-Dahl
Ian Smithdahl


Mother at 97

My mother
Joyce Lyon Dahl
in August 2005 age 97

Mother with Becky 1967
Pebble Beach 1967
Mother reading
My parents
Arthur L. and Joyce Dahl
Arthur L. and Joyce Dahl

Joyce Lyon Dahl
Joyce Lyon Dahl

Joyce Lyon Dahl
My mother Joyce Lyon Dahl
in 1949
Arthur L. Dahl Jr.
My father Arthur L. Dahl Jr.
ca. 1960

Dad and Keith 1967
Golfing with Keith 1967
My mother Joyce Lyon Dahl
passed away in March 2006
at the age of 97

My father Arthur L. Dahl
passed away in June 2005
at the age of 91
From left to right:
cousin George Herbert †
Keith Dahl †
Dr. Steinmetz (Baha'i friend)
Roger Dahl
Gregory Dahl
Arthur Dahl
Nora Steinmetz (Baha'i friend)
Ian Smithdahl

Carrie Smith-Dahl and
her twins Mica and Cami
Family gathering after Mother's funeral, Monterey, March 2006
Family gathering

See more family pictures on the Travel page
especially in Canada, France, California and Bulgaria

See also My Life in Pictures
My Family Photo Album

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