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One of the most precious things in a family is the family photo album, showing family members and important events in a family over several generations. My family photo page introduces the members of my family. This page is more of an historical record of the different generations of my family down through the years, and is arranged chronologically. I shall add to it as I have the opportunity to scan old pictures. See also My Life in Pictures.


Arthur, Keith, Roger, Gregory 1952
The four Dahl brothers, Arthur, Keith, Roger, Gregory 1952


Keith, Dad, Nancy Phillips1961 . Nancy Phillips
Keith golfing with Dad, Nancy Phillips 1961


Arthur, Mother, Roger, Dad 1970
Pebble Beach, 1970, Arthur, Joyce, Roger, Dad

My wedding with Martine Caillard was celebrated in Luxembourg in March 1975.
One of the more precious and unusual presents from Martine's grandmother Madelaine de Moor was a lithograph portrait of the famous German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt, autographed by him and presented to their ancestor and famous Belgian scientist Adolf Quetelet.

Agnès was born in Noumea, New Caledonia, in 1976

Martine with Agnes 7 August 1976 .
Martine with Agnes at 5 days

Agnes 2 August 1976 . Agnes 8 August 1976 . Agnes February 1977
          Agnes the day of her birth                                      Agnes at 6 days                                 Agnes - February 1977

Guess who was the hippie in the family (my father)
Arthur L. Dahl at Big Sur . Martine . Martine . Martine
My father at Bug Sur 1977; Martine at Big Sur

Arthur, Agnes, Martine 1977 .
At the Merida, Mexico, Baha'i Conference 1977


Agnes, Alex, me 1984Alex La Pallud 1988Alex and Ned Blackmer, La Pallud 1989Martine and Alex, La Pallud 1989
Agnes, Alex and me in Samoa 1984; Alex stomping grapes La Pallud 1988; Alex and Ned Blackmer 1989; Martine and Alex, La Pallud 1989

Alex and Martine, La Pallud 1989  Alex and Martine, La Pallud 1989


At the Chalet Ferry, St. Die, France, 1991

Greg and family, StDie 1991 . me and family, St.Die 1991 . children at St.Die 1991
My brother Greg, with Bahiyyih, Mary Nakhjavani and son Ian, and my family at St. Die 1991

Bahiyyih and Martine, St.Die 1991. Agnes 1991 . crossing les Voges on horseback 1991
Bahiyyih and Martine at St.Die; Agnès 1991; preparing to cross the Vosges on horseback 1991

At the Baha'i World Congress, New York, 1992
Agnes, Arthur,  Joyce . Martine, Joyce
Agnes, Arthur, Joyce; Martine and Joyce


Carmel, California, to visit my mother, and Quebec to visit my son Alex in 2005

Bulgaria-Macedonia 2006 with Greg and family at Baha'i Summer Gathering

Alex with Benjamin . Mahalia, Alex, Benjamin 2007
Alex with Benjamin; Mahalia, Alex and Benjamin in Brittany 2007
Family reunion in Brittany in July 2007

August 2007 in Bulgaria with Greg and family at Baha'i Summer School

Quebec, October 2007 with Alex and family

Agnes and Bahador2007
Agnes and Bahador 2007

Quebec, June and December 2008 with Alex and family

Bulgaria with Greg and family, June 2009

Jeremie 2009
Jérémie 2009
Alex and family in Quebec, August 2009



Claude CaillardFrancine Caillard ne de Moor 
My father-in-law Claude Caillard passed away in 2012 and my mother-in-law Francine Caillard né de Moor in May 2015

Bulgaria with Greg and family, July 2010

August 2010 in Quebec with my son Alex and family

Quebec with my son Alex and family, July 2011

Trip to California with brother Greg and family, July-August 2011

California, July-August 2012 with my brother Greg and family

Visit to my son Alex and family, Quebec, August 2012

My brother Keith Dahl's funeral in American Samoa, December 2012

Bulgaria visit to Greg Dahl and family, March 2013

Greg Dahl and family, California, July-August 2013

Alex Dahl and family, Quebec, August 2013

Greg Dahl family in California, July-August 2014

Visit to my son Alex and family, Quebec, August 2014

Sofia, Bulgaria, November 2014, visit to Greg Dahl and family

August 2016 visit to my brother Greg and family in the Czech Republic

With Alex Dahl family visit to Puy de Fou, France, and visit to Paris, July 2017

Greg Dahl family in Bulgaria, August 2017

The Dahl-Farhoumand's celebrate Luca's first birthday at Ormes

The Gagnon-Dahl family in Quebec, April 2018


Martine is the decendent through her mother of a distinguished family of Belgian scientists and artists. One ancestor, François-Antoine CURTET, 1763-1830, was born in the village of Chaumont just across the valley from my chalet in Haute Savoie, France, became a doctor in Napoleon's armies, was stationed in Brussels at a military hospital, stayed to establish the medical school in Brussels, with a distinguished medical and scientific career.

Francois-Antoine Curtet François-Antoine Curtet, Chaumont 1763-Brussels 1830

Curtet's daughter married Adolfe QUETELET, 1796-1874, the famous Belgian scientist and founder of the science of statistics. Martine's grandmother, who was Quetelet's great granddaughter, gave us as a wedding present a portrait of the famous German scientist and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt, autographed by him and given to Adolphe Quetelet.

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