My father was a good amateur photographer, and we always had a darkroom in our home when I was young, so I learned early the basics of making prints from black and white negatives. I began serious photography myself at age 18 when my father gave me his old Leica for our family trip to Europe and a pilgrimage to the Bahá'í World Centre in Haifa, Israel, in 1960. Two years later I bought my first Nikon F single lens reflex, and for 25 years used photography both to record family and travels, and professionally to document my biological research (including photomicrography and electron microscopy) and ecological surveys of coral reefs (including underwater photography), producing illustrated lectures for both scientific congresses and the general public, as well as recording environmental conditions in the many countries and islands I visited. My wife Martine is also an excellent photographer and professional film maker.

Then for about 20 years I stopped taking many pictures. It was less necessary for my work in the United Nations, and there were many other things that had a higher priority in my suitcase when travelling. The cost of film and development was also a factor.

With the digital revolution, and the need for photographs to illustrate my web sites, lectures and university class presentations, I have again drifted back into photography, including to share the experience of my chalet and my travels with family, friends and anyone interested. A sampling of those photograph is on the relevant pages of this web site. With several thousand colour slides and negatives from earlier decades, I may gradually scan the best of those older photographs for additional pages on this or other sites.

This page is devoted to photography as an art form. The pictures here were selected not because the illustrated some particular subject, but because I liked them and found them interesting artistically. I hope that you enjoy them too. More will be added from time to time.

Nature in my garden
  Forest in summer . Shelf fungus . Japanese Maple .

Tulip .  . Wild strawberry . Aspergette lily .

Winter in my forest
 Winter leaves . Hezelnut in flower . Trees in ice

Winter branches at chalet . Trees in ice . Signy trees

Autumn colours in Quebec
Autumn in Quebec   Quebec Gatineau Park

Fall colours Gatineau Park

Landscapes in Delft, the Netherlands

trees and canal   .   trees and canal

canal and bridge . ducks

Nature in Bulgaria
. .

.  .

. .

. .

. .



Ice in rainguage   Ice crystals   Ice spike

Beach, Finistere, France
Pentrez, Finistere, France   Pentrez, Finistere, France

Coast, Kauai, Hawaii


Sun and clouds over a village in Karnataka, India
Reservoir, C.K. Pura, India

Lichen on rocks  lichen in French alps   lichen French Alps  

lichen French Alps
Lichens on tree branches

In splitting logs for the fireplace, I discovered beautiful patterns in the wood.

wood grain . craters

Fantasy landscapes
mountain landscape

woodscape . peaks in the valley

The golem of the wood squinting at me
face in wood . golem in wood

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