relevant to the Bahá'í Faith, in English or French
(the approach can be direct or indirect, depending on the audience)
(see separate page for professional talks)

Sustainable Development and the Prosperity of Humankind
Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals
The Ethics of Sustainable Development
The Spiritual Dimension of Sustainable Development
Environment and Development
The science of sustainability
Climate Change and its Ethical Implications
Ecology and Spirituality
Multiple Dimensions of Globalization
Hope for a Planet in Peril

Beyond Economics
Ecology and Economics
Ecological and Economic Principles for a New World Order

Unity in Diversity: the Environmental Dimension
Science, Values and Development
Values for a more sustainable world

The Bahá'í Faith: an Ecological Religion
Le défi de l'écologie: Le point de vue de la foi baha'ie
recording on YouTube from Luxembourg Baha'i Centre 30 May 2013 (in French): (1 hour)

Baha'i Principles of Governance
Les Principes de Gouvernance du point de vue baha'i
recording on YouTube from Luxembourg Baha'i Centre 2013 (in French): Part 1 (one hour) Part 2 (50 minutes)

'Abdu'l-Baha as environmentalist/ 'Abdu'l-Baha comme environnementaliste

The Future of Civilization

The Coral Reef Ecosystem: Model for Humanity (with many underwater photographs)

Mark Tobey: Art and Belief (with color slides of many paintings)


(many in either English or French)

3-day sequence: 1. The healing message of Baha'u'llah; 2. Walking the spiritual path with practical feet; 3. Building a new world

4-day sequence: 1. Baha'i principles for environmental action; 2. Climate change: pushing the world to a turning point; 3. Finding a way forward in the age of transition; 4. Unity in diversity: nature as a model for human society

5-day sequence: 1. Ethical challenges of the age of frustration; 2. Ecology and spirituality; 3. Ethics and economics; 4. Social responsability; 5, Transition to a new world order

Single courses or deepenings:
Baha'i Action Plan on Climate Change/Le Plan d'action baha'i pour le changement climatique
Baha'i responses to the financial crisis/La crise financière et les réponses baha'ies
'Abdu'l-Baha as environmentalist/'Abdu'l-Baha comme environnementaliste
Social and economic teachings of 'Abdu'l-Baha/Conseils économiques et sociaux de 'Abdu'l-Baha
The qualities of the Learned/Les qualités des Erudites
The qualities of the Rulers/Les qualités des Dirigeants
Principles of Governance/Principes de gouvernance
Agnes Alexander: Hand of the Cause of God/Agnes Alexander: Main de la Cause de Dieu
The Ten-Year Crusade


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Dr. Arthur Lyon DAHL of Geneva, Switzerland, is a retired Deputy Assistant Executive Director of UN Environment (UNEP), where he was Deputy Director of the Oceans and Coastal Areas Programme, Coordinator of the UN System-wide Earthwatch ( and founding Director of the Coral Reef Unit. He is now a consultant to international organizations on environmental assessment, observing strategies, indicators of sustainability, coral reefs, biodiversity, islands (, environmental education, and social and economic development. He co-coordinated a UNEP Major Groups and Stakeholders Advisory Group on International Environmental Governance, and is involved in research on values-based indicators. His Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences is from Stanford University and his PhD in Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. A specialist on coral reef ecology and small island developing states, he spent many years in the South Pacific and organized the Pacific Regional Environment Programme. He represented the Bahá'í International Community at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment (1972) where he participated in inter-faith activities, was in the Secretariat of the Rio Earth Summit (1992) to help prepare Agenda 21, and organized several parallel events at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, 2002) and the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20, 2012). He has also been active in the dialogue on religion and environment, including participation for UNEP in the World Summit on Religions and Conservation (Windsor, 1995), the Symposium on Religion, Science and the Environment in the Black Sea organized by the Orthodox church in 1998, the Klingenthal Symposia on ecology and spirituality at the initiative of Pax Christi (France), the World Parliament of Religions (Barcelona, 2004), the Windsor Commemoration of faith-based action plans on climate change (2009), and other activities. He is President of the International Environment Forum ( and on the governing board of ebbf - Ethical Business Building the Future, a Baha'i-inspired organization for values in business ( He has published many scientific papers and books including "Unless and Until: A Baha'i Focus on the Environment" and "The Eco Principle: Ecology and Economics in Symbiosis". His current interests include environmental governance, values-based indicators, coral reef and island assessment and management, indicators of sustainability, and integrating ecology and economics.

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