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UNEP emblem This site was originally prepared by:
UN System-wide Earthwatch Coordination,
United Nations Environment Programme, Geneva, Switzerland

Site last updated to 14 August 2001

Since UNEP has removed the Earthwatch site from the web, this version is being made available for its archival interest. Links to Home and Earthwatch Home Page no longer work on this site.

Were you looking for a different Earthwatch?

UN System-wide Earthwatch is most often confused with the Earthwatch Institute, a non-governmental organisation founded in the same year as the UN Earthwatch (1972), which subsidizes scientific projects and encourages public participation in them.
Earthwatch Communications Inc is a weather site covering the US.
Earthwatch Radio, produced by the University of Wisconsin, makes radio programmes on environmental topics.
Earthwatch Inc provides commercial satellite imagery.
Earthwatch, a programme of Friends of the Earth, Northern Ireland.
The Earth Watching Project
, run by Eurimage-ESA/ESRIN to monitor environmental emergencies.

This archival site is an exact reproduction of the UN System-wide Earthwatch site as it was in August 2001. It is made available by
Arthur Lyon Dahl
Coordinator, UN System-wide Earthwatch, 1992-2001
who created and maintained the site for UNEP


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