My life in Geneva

Geneva is a city at a human scale, with a population of about 470,000 in the State (Canton) of Geneva, of whom 40% are foreigners from 190 countries, making for a very international city. It has a local Agenda 21 plan for sustainability that is renewed every four years at the beginning of each legislature. Most of its electricity (93%) comes from renewable sources. Public transport, integrating trains, trams, trolley-buses, buses and boats across the lake is very efficient and reliable.

Out of a total surface area of 28,244 hectares in the Canton of Geneva, 9,500 are urbanized, 3,500 are forested, and over 11,000 hectares are devoted to agriculture, including significant vineyards, and fruits and vegetables for the local market. Another 3,600 hectares are in the lake. We are not cut off from nature.

Pictures of the city of Geneve and surrounding area are included on my Swiss page. For my life in Vernier, see the separate page. This page covers some my my activities in Geneva. I also escape to my chalet in the forest across the border in France when I get a chance. After the Peoples' Climate March in 2014 described below, another even larger march was held in 2015 before the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (see separate page)


During the Corona virus pandemic in 2020, when we were confined to our residences except for essential shopping and exercise close to home, I walked every day to the nearby Parc des Franchises to see a little nature (see separate page).


The week of climate strikes 20-27 September 2019 saw me participating in three events, a demonstration at the Place des Nations in Geneva on Friday 20 September, a march through the center of Geneva on Friday 27 September, and a national climate march in the Swiss capital Bern on 28 September which drew 100,000 people.

Pont du Mont Blanc . City centre . Pont du Mont Blanc

Bundesplatz . Arthur Dahl . in the middle of Bern
Bern, Swiss capital


20 December 2014

My daughter Agn├Ęs gave birth to a daughter, Laleh Manon Farhoumand, in Geneva on 20 December 2014. The next day, we gathered at the clinic to welcome the new granddaughter into the family.
Martine, Laleh, Agnes, Bahador . Martine and Laleh . happy parents
Martine, Laleh, Agnes and Bahador; my wife Martine with Laleh; happy parents Agnes and Bahador

Laleh . Yasmin, Laleh and Lia . Bahador and Lia
Laleh Manon Farhoumand; Bahador's cousin Yasmin, Laleh and Laleh's older sister Lia; Bahador and Lia

Martine and Laleh
Martine, a very happy grandmother


21 September 2014

With the UN Climate Summit in New York on 23 September, a wide range of civil society organizations decided to organize a People's Climate March in New York City on Sunday 21 September, and the Baha'is participated along with many faith-based organizations. The aim was to show widespread public support for action on climate change. For those who could not go to New York, over 2,000 other marches were organized around the world, so I joined the march in Geneva. It was the third time that I participated in such a public demonstration, after helping to organize a march on the state capital in California to protest the imposition of tuition in the public universities in the middle 1960s, and participating in a procession of religious leaders from Westminister Cathedral to Westminister Abbey in London in 1995. We were several hundred of all ages and colours, babies in strollers and people with electric bikes, and marched for over an hour from Plainpalais in the center of the city to the Palais des Nations.

Climate march . Climate march
We filled one of the main streets of Geneva as far as the eye could see

Climate march . Climate march . Climate march
We marched along the lake side, with the famous Jet d'eau in the background; many marchers wore green

Place des Nations . Place des Nations . Place des Nations
When we reached the Place des Nations, we heard a number of short talks about the meaning of the march

Place des Nations . Place des Nations . Place des Nations
All the flags of the nations at the Palais des Nations in the background symbolized the world-wide movement for climate action


1 July 2013

I participated in the World Forum for Ethics in Business International Leadership Symposium, held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on 1 July 2013 on the topic "Good Governance and Transparency Through Shared Values". The symposium was organized by the International Association for Human Values in partnership with the World Bank and the Global Partnerships Forum. It was address by, among others, HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, HE Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former Secretary-General of the UN, and leading political and business figures.

forum . forum
The principal speakers; HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar receiving a gift from HE Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali


Parc Bertrand, 30 June 2013

On a beautiful early summer day, the Baha'is of Geneva and surrounging communities gathered in the Parc Bertrand for a picnic.

picnic . picnic . picnic 

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