ebbf 25th Annual Conference, Barcelona

The 25th Annual Conference of ebbf - Ethical Business Building the Future was held near Barcelona on 1-3 October 2015 with over 150 attending, including 53 for the first time. There were lots of young people. The theme this year was "Unity and Collaboration to create meaningful and purposeful organizations ready for the 21st century". Short keynotes alternated with facilitated meaningful conversations and parallel learnshops. I went early for an ebbf Governing Board meeting, and was again re-elected to the Governing Board. I also gave a keynote talk on The Science and Spirituality of Unity and Collaboration (presentation) and short summary

Six of the founders of ebbf who were at the first conference in Chamonix, France, in 1990, returned for the 25th conference.

the founders of ebbf
Mahmud Samandari, George Starcher, Ezzat and Annette Zahrai, Daniel Schaubacher, Wendi Momen
Jason Maude . Cristobal Gracia . Cristobal Gracia
Jason Maude (UK) has been Master of Ceremonies for 6 years; Cristobal Gracia (Spain) presented on social enterprise

learnshop . learnshop
Carrie Freeman (USA) led a learnshop on "Defining the problem to enable impactful solutions"

Arash Azami . learnshop . learnshop
Arash Aazami (Netherlands) led a learnshop on "how can a Culture of Empowerment lead towards an Economy of Abundance?"

Ralf Blondell and . Blondell and
Ralph Blundell (Portugal) and Michael Spiegel of Deutsche Bank presented “establishing unity to co-create collaborative leadership and culture: tales from two different businesses”

Arthur Dahl . Arthur Dahl . Michel Zahrai and Arthur Dahl
I presented a keynote on the science and spirituality of unity and collaboration; discussion afterward with Michel Zahrai

Sonia Rulzmas . Guissipina . Gary Reusche
Sonia Ruiz (Spain); Guissepina (Italy); Gary Reusche (Ukraine)

Sonia . Augusto Lopez Claros . Augusto Lopez Claros
Keynote speakers Sonia Rulz (Spain); Augusto Lopez Claros of the World Bank (USA)

ebbf boardStephanie Hughes and Mika Korhonen
The newly elected Governing Board was introduced: Ralph Blundell (Portugal), Arthur Dahl (Switzerland), Wendi Momen (UK), Mahmud Samandari (Switzerland), Françoise Le Goff (France), Mika Korhonen (Finland), Paul Hughes (Netherlands); Stephanie Hughes (Netherlands) and Mika Korhonen present some of the work of the Governing Board

coffeebreak on the terrace . coffeebreak on the terrace . coffeebreak on the terrace
Coffee break on the terrace

Lest anyone think that ebbf members are always serious, a Swiss private banker and his wife led some pretty wild dancing on Saturday night
dancing Saturday night . dancing Saturday night . dancing Saturday night
dancing Saturday night
dancing Saturday night . dancing Saturday night . dancing Saturday night

dancing Saturday night

More information and programme of the conference at http://ebbf.org/event/ebbf-annual-conference-celebrating-ebbfs-25th-anniversary/#ebbf

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