Arendal, Norway

From 17 to 23 April, I was in Arendal on the southern coast of Norway to participate in a UNEP "writers' sprint" workshop with 14 other experts to prepare the first draft of new guidelines for Integrated Environmental Assessments that include economic and social as well as environmental dimensions. We were hosted at GRID-Arendal, a centre set up by the Norwegian government to support UNEP with expertise in data assessment, management and presentation. I have worked with GRID-Arendal before, and for a while 20 years ago represented UNEP on the GRID-Arendal board.

IEA workshop . IEA workshop IEA workshop

Arendal has an excellent port well protected from the sea, and in the nineteenth century was a centre of Norwegian commerce. The town has an enormous church and many beautiful buildings from that time.
Arendal waterfront . Arendal waterfront . view from GRID-Arendal
Port in front of GRID-Arendal; view from GRID-Arendal

Arendal waterfront . Arendal waterfront . Arendal waterfront
The Arendal waterfront

Arendal church . Arendal . Arendal
The church; main square; old houses
Arendal . Arendal
Views in Arendal

view over Arendal . view over Arendal . view over Arendal
View over Arendal from the heights behing the town

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