Swiss Baha'i Winter School

The Swiss Baha'i Winter School was held in Chavannes-de-Bogis near Geneva between Christmas and the New Year. About 200 participants of all ages and from all parts of Switzerland and beyond enjoyed a variety of activities in a family atmosphere. Typically for Switzerland, courses were offered in four languages: French, German, English and Persian (since there was a large group of Persian-speaking asylum-seekers attending). The main course on a devotional attitude was taught by Joan and Albert Lincoln, and a number of Ruhi books were offered intensively. I co-tutored Ruhi book 8.3 in English, about the Universal House of Justice, for which I restored an old slide-tape programme about the election of the first Universal House of Justice in 1963.

main course . main course . audience
The main class studied texts in groups; part of the audience
socializing . audience . Bahador and Laleh
Socializing between classes; audience; my son-in-law Bahador and granddaughter Laleh

There were activities for all ages
children's activities . children's activities . My granddaughter Lia

The evening programmes included artistic performances
masters of ceremonies . Joan Lincoln playing . audience
Nelly and Andreas were masters of ceremonies; Joan Lincoln accompanied many things on the piano; audience

Tom and Jean Paul . recitation . Jean-Michel . dance
Artistic performances
children pinned hearts on their parents . children pinned hearts on their parents . singing
The children pinned hearts on their parents or teachers; one class sang

asylem-seekers dance . classical violin and piano . audience
A dance from the asylum-seekers; classical violin and piano; audience

Joan Lincoln on Chile dedication . Joan Lincoln on Chile dedication . thanks from asylum-seekers
In the closing session, Joan Lincoln shared the experience of the temple dedication in Chile; thank you from the group of asylum-seekers

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Last updated 17 February 2017

Photographs copyright © Arthur Lyon Dahl 2016