Leysin Baha'i Winter School

On 26-32 December 2018, over 250 Baha'is and their friends gathered in the Alpine resort of Leysin, Switzerland for the annual Swiss Winter School. They were of all ages and came from all over Switzerland, France, other European countries, and as far away as USA and Australia. One even said that they learned about the school from my web site. It is wonderful to catch up with old friends and new. My daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren were also there. There were classes, artistic activities, sports and games, along with socializing over excellent food, but I had to spend the afternoons working on my parts of the book on global governance that I needed to finish by January.

Group photo of the Winter School

Mrs Uransaikhun Granfar Bataar from Mongolia gave the main course on "Kindling the Fire of Love", followed by working groups in the different languages of the school. She was formerly a Counsellor at the International Teaching Centre, now settled in Geneva. Many groups also studied Ruhi books in German, French, English, and Persian.

organizers . Mrs Bataar . children
The organizers worked in 3 languages, French, German and English; Mrs Bataar from Mongolia gave the main course; the children's classes

working groups . working groups
After the lectures, we worked in small groups by language

audience . Shoemakers . music
In the evenings there were artistic performances and games

audience . group . arts
There were afternoon workshops for music and arts

audience . youth . youth
The youth had their own classes and activities

music . music . choir
By the end of the week, music groups and a choir had formed and performed, including original compositions

music . music
The school was full of musical talent, so everyone had a wonderful time

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Last updated 30 January 2018

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