Quebec, Canada

On my way back from Hawai'i, stopped for nine days in Quebec to visit my son Alex and his family, including four grandchildren, Jérémie (23), Benjamin (12), Alie (10), Nalah (4) and a new great-grandson, Kovu. We first spent three days in Montreal visiting the Holocaust Museum and the Science Park, introducing Benjamin and Alie to cart racing, and playing minigolf, while staying with friends. We then went to Lévis across the river from Quebec City, for some time at home with the family, when I had a chance to see my great-grandson Kovu for the first time. It was wonderful to have so much time with my Canadian grandchildren. We also joined the Baha'i community of Quebec for their celebration of a Baha'i Holy Day.


Science Park . Science Park . Benji in Science Park
Science Park: Benji and Alie building electrical gadgets in the exploratorium; Benji in a bubble cylinder; Benji in the health section

Cart racing . Benji Cart racing . after mini-golf
Introduction to the joys of driving while cart racing; Benji at the wheel; Alex, Alie, Nalah, Benji after minigolf

Alex, Benji, me and Alie by the river . sunset over the river
Alex, Benji, me and Alie by the river; sunset over the St. Lawrence River

At home in Lévis near Quebec City

playing at home . Alie on the swing . Benji and Nalah
Playing at home; Alie on the swing; Benji and Nalah

playing at home . Benji and friend with toads . Alex, Nalah and Alie
Playing with friends; Benji and friend with toads; Alex, Nalah and Alie swinging

Benji . Alie . Nalah
Benji loves making complex tiny things; Alie making natural cosmetics; Nalah with puzzle

Nalah and Benji
Nalah watches Benji make her a tiny toy

Kovu . me with Kovu . family
Great-grandson Kovu; me with Kovu; Alex with Nalah, me with Kovu, Kovu's father Jérémie, Alie

Ridvan celebration in Quebec City

Ridvan celebration . Ridvan celebration . Ridvan celebration
The Bahá'í community of Quebec celebrated Ridvan with prayers, music and games, where Alie answered almost all the questions, followed by a potluck dinner

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Last updated 11 May 2018

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