ebbf Conference, Geneva

On 17-20 May, ebbf - Ethical Business Building the Future, held its annual conference at Chavannes-de-Bogis near Geneva, Switzerland. The theme this year was rethinking governance, and my closing keynote was on Governance and the Sustainable Development Goals. It can be viewed here.

The conference alternated keynote presentations, group discussions of the issues presented, and parallel learnshops on different themes related to governance.

ebbf Geneva . ebbf Geneva . ebbf Geneva
ebbf conference audience

There were a variety of speakers from inside and outside ebbf on topics such as Malika Parent on Governance as a path to truth related to human rights and refugees, Nadja Schnetzler on Governance for purpose about ensuring independent journalism, and Jenna Nicholas on How are new forms of finance influencing governance? concerning values-oriented investment.

Malika ParentspeakerJenna Nicholas
Some speakers: Malika Parent; Nadja Schnetzler; long-time IEF member Jenna Nicholas

In one plenary session, IEF members Wendi Momen and Maja Groff discussed the role of feminine leadership in governance with Daniel Truran.

ebbf Genevaebbf Genevaebbf Geneva
Plenary sessions: (right) Wendi Momen and Maja Groff with Daniel Truran

group discussions . learnshops . observing soil degradation
Group discussions; learnshops; observing soil degradation in learnshop on sustainable agriculture as part of a holistic approach to governance

Sean Hinton presented on Human-Centered Governance. Daniel Truran, Director-General of ebbf, presented the annual report to the Annual General Assembly, and Secretary-General Mahmud Samandari reported on new initiatives.

speaker . Daniel Truran . Mahmud Samandari
Sean Hinton; Daniel Truran, Director General of ebbf presents the annual report; Mahmud Samandari, Secretary-General of ebbf

ebbf Governing Board (and IEF) members Wendi Momen and Maja Groff discussed the role of feminine leadership in governance with Daniel Truran. Augusto Lopez-Claros gave his evening keynote on global governance for a just, fair and sustainable global economic system from Washington, D.C. A new ebbf Governing Board was elected.

Wendi, Maja, Daniel . Augusto Lopez-Claros . Governing Board
Wendi Momen, Maja Groff and Daniel Truran; Augusto Lopez-Claros speaking from Washington D.C.; newly elected ebbf Governing Board

My keynote on Governance and the Sustainable Development Goals concluded the conference. After the conference, Maja and I worked on our presentation for the Global Challenges Foundation New Shape Prize next week in Stockholm. With Augusto Lopez-Claros, we are writing a book on reforming global governance for the 21st century.

Arthur Dahl . Arthur Dahl . Maja Groff, Arthur Dahl
Arthur Dahl; Maja Groff and Arthur Dahl

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