ebbf  annual conference, Barcelona

ebbf - Ethical Business Building the Future held its annual conference in Barcelona, Spain, on 2-5 October 2014, on the theme "How to create a just workplace?". About 140 attended from all over the world. The programme included inspiring keynotes and discussions from leaders in the field, learnshops in parallel sessions on practical applications of the principle of justice, and evening events including a report from China and a musical comedy prepared during the conference and performed by participants. For more information, see http://ebbf.org.

Hotel Rey Don Jaime . programme . Jason Maude
The conference hotel Rey Don Jaime; conference programme; master of ceremonies Jason Maude

Keynote speakers
Kami Lamakan . Bob Rosenfeld . Prabhu Guptara
Kami Lamakan on justice and big business; Bob Rosenfeld on invisible elements in innovation; Prabhu Guptara on transforming capitalism

Jenna Nicholas . Maja Groff . audience
Jenna Nicholas on impact investing; Maja Groff on justice and gender balance; part of the audience

Karolina Poitrowska . Karolina Poitrowska, AIESEC International
Closing keynote by Karolina Poitrowska on the view from AIESEC International

discussion topics . Arthur Dahl facilitating a discussion
After each keynote, questions raised were discussed in small groups; I facilitated one of the groups

Learnshops provided opportunities to go more deeply into the topics and to discuss putting them into action
Jenna Nicholas . Bob Rosenfeld . Daryn Dodson
Jenna Nicholas; Bob Rosenfeld; Daryn Dodson


Evening programmes were both enlightening and entertaining
Richard Park and Lixin Chen . Dorothy Marcic . musical comedy
Richard Park and Lixin Chen; Dorothy Marcic on business principles in musical comedy, and participants who created one

Networking during the breaks
networking in breaks . networking in breaks . networking in breaks

Some of the most active ebbf members were invited to a "family gathering" before the conference to consider how to extend our outreach
Gundhild Hoenig, Paul Hughes and Sjoerd Luteyn . Daniel Truran . family gathering
Gundhild Hoenig, Paul Hughes and Sjoerd Luteyn facilitated the gathering

family gathering

ebbf Governing Board elected at the Annual General Assembly
Governing Board
Mika Korhonen, Wendi Momen, Mahmud Samandari, Françoise Le Goff, Arthur Dahl, Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes, Paul Hughes

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Last updated 13 October 2014

Photographs copyright © Arthur Lyon Dahl 2014