Travel 2014

This page has mostly photos of general interest, while specific events have separate pages

Unusually, the year started with 8 weeks without traveling, except for a short visit to my wife Martine in Strasbourg. Then in late February I went to the Netherlands for 8 busy days, and in mid-March two weeks in India accompanying an EPFL course (more photos on separate page). April started with a week in Ireland for a PERL meeting (separate page) and some Baha'i talks. At the end of April I made presentations at a week-long Bahá'í Spring Camp (see separate page) in La Chapelle d'Abondance, a village in the French Alps, followed the next week by the ebbf - Ethical Business Building the Future - spring event near London (separate page). June began with a week in Shanghai, China, to attend the second Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption at Fudan University (separate page), followed the next weekend by a meeting of the Triglav Circle in Montézillan, a village in the Jura Mountains behind Neuchatel, Switzerland, and the following weekend an Ethics Expo in Mantova, Italy, where I was treated to a guided tour of the historic center of the city and a boat tour of the adjacent lakes (separate page). In early July I crossed to the other side of Switerland to contribute to an International Peace Seminar in Walenstadt (see separate page for more on the seminar). In late July I flew to California to join my brother Greg and his family on vacation (separate page for family pictures), then went to Toronto for the Association for Baha'i Studies and International Environment Forum joint conference, before going to Quebec for two weeks with my son Alex and family, including the Quebec Baha'i Summer School 14-17 August (separate page). The beginning of October was the ebbf - Ethical Business Building the Future annual conference in Barcelona, Spain (see separate page) as well as an ebbf Governing Board meeting. Toward the end of October I went to Belgrade, Serbia, for an ECPD International Conference (see separate page). I went to visit my brother and his family in Sofia, Bulgaria in late November over Thanksgiving. The year ended with the Swiss Baha'i Winter School in Einsiedeln, Schwyz (see separate page).

The Netherlands

The trip 19-27 February started with two days visiting my old friends Sylvia and Onno Vinkhuyzen, where I gave a seminar on international sustainability governance for Sylvia's department at the University of Wageningen, as well as an evening talk on coral reefs and a morning talk on the artist Mark Tobey, before we went to the European Bahá'í Conference on Justice at the de Poort conference centre. The conference on "Holistic Justice: Coherence and Service in Balanced Lives" was co-sponsored this year by ebbf - Ethical Business Building the Future. When the opening keynote speaker from ebbf fell ill and was unable to travel, I had two hours to prepare a replacement talk on "Holistic Justice: Coherence and Service in our Economic Life".

Maja Groff . Wendi Momen . Wendi Momen
Maja Groff, one of the conference organizers; Wendi Momen's keynote: "Shared Prosperity: How Does that Work?"

audience . audience . audience
The audience

panel . Kit Bigelow . panel
Rod Rastan, Naseem Kourosh and Dan Wheatley on International Criminal Court; Kit Bigelow on "Feminine Aspects of Justice"; Hooshmand Badee, Dan Wheatley and Naseem Kourosh on the Defense of the Bahá'ís in Iran

audience . Ismael Velasco . audience
Ismael Velasco gave a theatrical performance "The Moth in Flames"

I also chaired the closing plenary panel on global governance, with Jean-Pierre Méan speaking on corruption, and Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen on international environmental governance.

After the conference we had an IEF working meeting preparing a briefing note on climate change, before I was driven to Rotterdam for four intensive days at Refresh Interactive, a company run by ebbf members Oscar Rosa and Sjoerd Luteyns, to help them complete an approach to helping companies "find their soul" by applying Baha'i principles to define a higher purpose and transform their structure and management.

Sjoerd, me and Oscar
Sjoerd, me and Oscar

There was also time for Oscar to drive me to Amsterdam for an evening discussion on science and religion with some university professors and students.


I was in India for the second half of March accompanying an EPFL course. After a few days in Bangalore, the 24 participants from 20 countries in the course on Management of Development Projects (see separate page) made the 4-hour bus trip to the village of Chennakeshavapura (CK Pura) in a semi-arid region of Karnataka State, where we stayed with the villagers and worked on development projects responding to local needs. The village has about 300 households, both Hindu and Moslem, and some low caste tribal shepherds nearby. Life is difficult. In most families, someone has migrated to the town or city. This was my third visit to the village (see 2010 and 2012).

Village of CK Pura

CK Pura gate to walled compound .
Main gate to old village fortifications;

visit to CK Pura . tamarind processing . nut processing
Women processing tamarind and oil nuts
tamarind processing . tamarind processing . tamarind by tank

tamarind tree . old house . stone fence
A large tamarind tree; an abandoned house; stone fencing

visit to CK Pura . visit to CK Pura . CK Pura
Village streets

Hindu temple . wagon for Hindu goddess . carvings on wagon
The village Hindu temple; a giant cart for the recently-completed procession with the village goddess, held every 24 years
  Hindu goddess
The goddess is still being moved from house to house

parading idol . parading idol . parading idol
Procession with drums and the goddess

children in CK Pura . school CK Pura . CK Pura water purification
School children; a class under a tree in the school yard; the new village water purification plant
municipal offices . CK Pura . CK Pura
The municipal government building; water tank; microcredit bank

monument . CK Pura cellphone antennas . villagers on departure
A memorial to those who defended the village; cellphone towers; villagers come to see us off

visit to CK Pura . visit to CK Pura . stable
Village livestock; old and new forms of transport
buffalo . buffalo and cart . sheep

view of CK Pura . view of CK Pura . view of CK Pura
Views of the village from the roof of our host's house

Agriculture and irrigation around CK Pura

With low and irregular rainfall, rainfed agriculture is risky, so for hundreds of years, tanks (reservoirs) have been built to hold runoff in the catchments, and deep wells dug to reach the groundwater. Borewells are now also used to bring up groundwater, but the resource is limited.

view from CK Pura . tank at CK Pura . tank spillway
The village is next to a large tank (reservoir) that catches rainwater, but empties in the dry season

fields below tank bund . idol on spillwayfields by well
Below the tank bund, fields are irrigated from wells and boreholes; there are sacred symbols at the spillway and next to wells

wellborewell owner by welltank bund and well
The wells are deep and hundreds of years old

pump from wellbore well . idols at well
When the electricity is on, farmers irrigate their fields; sacred symbols by the well

irrigation from well . irrigation from wellfarmer in field
Channels bring the water alongside the fields

irrigation from wells . farmers irrigating . farmer irrigating
The farmers open and close breaks in the channels to bring the water to their crops
farmer irrigating . irrigated field . farmer at well

well . well . well shute .
Before there were pumps, water was raised in bullock skins pulled up by animals, and directed to the fields in stone-lined channels

drying washing . idols at well
Cloth drying in the sun with CK Pura in the background; sacred objects by a well

women washingbore well
Washing clothing, with the tank bund behind

drying laundry
Laundry drying
shepherd village . shepherd village
The tribal shepherds store their hay on rocky outcrops, and use thorn bushes for fences

Timapamabeta Hill

Early one morning we hiked up one of the granite hills near CK Pura to get a better view of the countryside. We could not go to the top as there are bears living there, and we saw recent droppings.

view from hill
Views from the hill
view from hill

view from hill . rice fields
A low-lying reservoir below the hill; rice cultivation with the water from the reservoir
climbing hill . climbing hill . climbing hill
Timapamabeta Hill; the hill is mostly bare granite with large boulders

climbing hill . climbing hill . climbing hill
Shepherds burn off the vegetation to encourage grass; the view in the morning sun was beautiful

Lepakshi Temple

On the way back from CK Pura, we stopped at the Virabhadra Swamy Temple in Lepakshi, constructed in 1538, but never finished. The previous MaDePro class had also visited the temple in 2012.

temple entrance . inside temple entrance . temple panel
Temple entrance

guide . temple colonade . outer temple
The guide explains the outer colonnade where pilgrims used to stay during their visits

wall with inscriptions . inscriptions . turtle
The temple walls are engraved with the full story of the temple gods

feet . builder . cloisters
Footprints and an image of the founder of the temple are engraved in the rock

unfinished pavilion . unfinished pavilion . unfinished pavilion
The unfinished part of the temple with gods and godesses on all the pillars

goddess . carvings . shivas
Shiva as an elephant, and its rat transporter; carvings in the temple

stone . outer temple . outer temple
Snakes protecting a sacred stone; the temple was left unfinished when work stopped after the architect was unjustly punished

eyes of architect . unfinished pavilion . plates for carvers . temple roofs
Wall marked by the plucked-out eyes of the temple architect; carvings of the gods; plates in the stone where the carvers ate; other parts of the temple

idol . stone . idol . giant footprint
Places to worship; a giant footprint of a god

dance hall . dance hall . dance hall hanging column
Entrance to the dance hall before the inner temple; a suspended column in the dance hall does not touch the ground

dance hall entrance . dance hall ceiling . dance hall entrance to inner temple
Entrance to the dance hall; dome over the centre; entrance to the inner temple from the dance hall

dance hall columns . dance hall columns . dance hall columns
Sculptures of dancers and musicians in the dance hall

dance hall ceiling paintings . dance hall ceiling paintings . dance hall ceiling paintings
Paintings on the ceiling of the dance hall

dance hall ceiling paintings . dance hall ceiling paintings . dance hall ceiling paintings

dance hall ceiling paintings . dance hall ceiling paintings . bull
Paintings on the dance hall ceiling; giant bull at the entrance to Lepakshi, originally part of the largest temple circle


This was my first visit to Ireland on 2-8 April, starting in Sligo for a PERL meeting (see separate page) and continuing on to Ennis, Limerick and Dublin for lectures organized by the local Baha'i communities. There is unfortunately no opportunity to take pictures when you are the featured speaker, but I did capture a little of the Irish countryside.


Sligo, view from hotel . Sligo, Glasshouse Hotel . Sligo, river
Centre of Sligo, view from hotel; Glasshouse Hotel; Garavogue River

Sligo . Sligo
downtown Sligo on the Garavogue River
View from St. Angela's College . View from St. Angela's College . views near Sligo
View from St. Angela's College, Lough Gill, where the meeting was held; countryside near Sligo

views near Sligo . views near Sligo
Irish coastline near Sligo

views near Sligo . views near Sligo

Markree Castle

Markree Castle, not far from Sligo, has been in the same family for 400 years.

grounds of Markree Castle
Grounds of Markree Castle

Markree Castle . Markree Castle
Markree Castle, now run by the family as a hotel

entrance stairs . entrance stairs ceiling . hall
Entrance stairs and ceiling; the main hall

Cooper family in hstory . harpist . hall ceiling . dining room
Stained-glass window of Cooper family history; harpist in the main hall; hall ceiling; the dining room

The Irish countryside is certainly green, helped by the frequent rain. I snapped some pictures as we drove along.

Irish countryside
Glimpses of the Irish countryside
Irish countryside

Irish countryside
Glimpses of the Irish countryside
Irish countryside

Irish countryside
Irish countryside near Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare . Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare . Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare
Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare

view from Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare
view inland from Cliffs of Moher

La Chapelle d'Abondance, France

Spring Camp

On 27 April-3 May, we had a Baha'i Spring Camp in La Chapelle d'Abondance, a ski resort in the French Alps of Haute Savoie.
Each afternoon during the Spring Camp (weather permitting), we went for a hike in the mountains surrounding the village. Photos of the mountains on these hikes are shared here. Pictures of the Bahá'í Spring Camp, including the hikers, are on a separate page.

Valley and waterfall above Chatel
waterfall . mountains . rushing stream .
We hiked up the side of the valley above a waterfall
waterfall . pasture with chamois . chamois
Waterfall; alpine meadow where some chamois came down to find spring grass; a chamois                                    (photo Della Marcus)

Up the valley behind the Lac des Plagnes, above Abondance
Lac des Plagnes . Lac des Plagnes . Lac des Plagnes
Lac des Plagnes

mountains above Lac des Plagnes . meadow . remains of an avalanche
The high valley; valley meadow; remains of an avalanche

crocus blooming . flowers along stream . flowers
wildflowers, including spring crocus

crocus . flowers  . flowerLac des Plagnes 

stream . stream . Lac des Plagnes
stream running down the valley; the lake

From Pas de Morgins down to Morgins, Switzerland
Pas de Morgins . Pas de Morgins . flowers
little lake at Pas de Morgins, heading down towards Morgins

border with France . border with Switzerland
Pas de Morgins, border between France and Switzerland

church bells, Morgins . Morgins . Arthur Dahl and Alex Cabon
Morgins and its church bells; me with Alex Cabon in Morgins (photo by Alex Cabon)


For the ebbf event at Selsdon Park near London, 7-11 May 2014, see the separate page.

Shanghai, China

On 5-12 June 2014 I went to Shanghai, China, to participate in the Second Global Research Forum on Sustainable Production and Consumption (GRFSPaC) at Fudan University (see separate page). Shanghai is a city of 24 million people, three times the population of Switzerland, and it just seems to go on for ever. I had no time to see the traditional sights like the Bund, but cities have never been my major interest. I much prefered the green gardens at the university. Below are a few cityscapes and the lovely green campus of Fudan University.
Shanghai . Shanghai . Shanghai
Shanghai: endless downtown, construction everywhere

Shanghai cityscape
Shanghai cityscapes on the way to the airport
Shanghai cityscape

Shanghai cityscape

Shanghai cityscape

Shanghai cityscape

Shanghai cityscape . Shanghai cityscape

Fudan University campus buildings and gardens
Fudan University . Fudan University . Fudan University . Fudan University
One of the main buildings where our conference was held
Statue of Chairman Mao . old gate and garden entrance . old gate
Statue of Chairman Mao facing the main gate; a traditional Chinese gate and entrance in the wall to the Chinese garden

Fundan University Chinese garden
Fudan University gardens . Fudan University gardens . Fudan University gardens
Beautiful Chinese garden
Fudan University gardens . Fudan University gardens . Fudan University gardens
For more pictures of Fudan University and its gardens, see the separate page.

Montézillan, Switzerland

The Triglav Circle held its 2014 meeting at a biodynamic farm and hotel in the village of Montézillan in the Jura Mountains above Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The theme of the meeting was "The Role of 'Nature' in the Politics of the Environment". For a report of the meeting, see My presentation was on "Religion and Traditional Cultures as Sources of Knowledge about the Role of Nature", and a paper including those materials on "Healing our Relationship with Nature" is at

The Triglav Circle in deep discussion

Philip Roch, Dirk Stryker, Blanda Anita . Jacques Baudot, Peter Baas, Barbara Baudot . J. Baudot, Oliver Smith, Ed Dommen, B. Baudot
Blanda Anita, Dirk Stryker, Philippe Roch; Jacques Baudot, Peter Baas, Barbara Baudot; J. Baudot, Oliver Smith, Ed Dommen, B. Baudot

We visited the biodynamic farm adjacent to the hotel where we met.
farm . pastures . barn
The main barn; rich pastures; cow and calf in the barn

group . cheese-making . milking room
The owner explains biodynamic farming; the cheese-making room produces a variety of cheeses; the milking room

in the barn . explaining biodynamic practices . natural fertilizer
Visit to the barn; biodynamic agriculture uses various naturel treatments and soil conditioners

group in the barn . visiting the piggery . horses
The farm has pigs and horses as well as cows
calves . pigs . pigs
Two small calfs; the pigs seem quite contented until they become organic ham and sausages

Mantova, Italy

I spent a lovely weekend on 21-23 June 2014 in Mantova (Mantua), Italy, in the Po Valley of Lombardy between Milan and Venice, where I was invited by ebbf friends to contribute to their first Ethics Expo with a variety of lectures in different locations around the city. See their Facebook page at In addition to the Ethics Expo, where I gave the closing lecture Sunday evening on "Ethics for a Sustainable Economy", some local Baha'is took me on a guided tour of the historic centre of Mantova (Mantua), a city that goes back at least to Etruscan (pre-Roman) times. I was also treated with some of the other lecturers to a boat trip along the lakes adjoining the town (see separate page for more pictures).

The old centre of Mantova
Piazza Erbe and Basilica dome . Piazza Erbe and Rotonda . Rotonda de S. Lorenzo
The Piazza Erbe in the centre of town has the Basilica Sant'Andrea (begun 1472) on one side and the Clock Tower and Rotonda de S. Lorenzo (1083) on the other

Sant'Andrea Basilica, Piazza Erbe . Sant'Andrea Basilica . Sant'Andrea Basilica
Basilica Sant'Andrea with 18th century dome

tower on Piazza Erbe . gothic house, Piazza Erbe . interior, Rotonda de S. Lorenzo
Clock Tower with astrological clock; Casa del Mercante (1455); interior of Rotonda de S. Lorenzo (1083)

Piazza Sordello . Duomo (cathedral) . Palazzo Bianchi and Palazzo Bonacolsi
Piazza Sordello, with Palazzo Ducale (Gonzaga's residence); 13th century Duomo (cathedral); Palazzo Bianchi (Bishop's residence) and Palazzo Bonacolsi

Entrance to Palazzo Ducale . gardens of Palazzo Ducale . gardens of Palazzo Ducale
Palazzo Ducale and its gardens

Church of Santa Barbara . Sta. Barbara bell tower . Sta. Barbara bell tower
Church of Santa Barbara in the Palazzo Ducale, and its bell tower

Palazzo Ducale inner courtyard . ceiling . ceiling in passage way
Inner courtyard of the 500 room Palazzo Ducale; painted ceilings under the arches; passage way through the Palazzo

Castello di San Giorgio . Castello di San Giorgio . Castello di San Giorgio . Castello di San Giorgio
Castello di San Giorgio (1395-1400), part of the Gonzaga's Palazzo Ducale

Castello di San Giorgio . Palazzo Ducale . Palazzo Ducale
Castello di San Giorgio; lakeside facades of the Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale, lake side . Palazzo Ducale from lake .
Lakeside of Palazzo Ducale

Rio from Via Trieste . Rio from Via Trieste . Piazza Martiri di Belfiore
River connecting the upper and lower lakes through the town; Piazza Martiti di Belfiore, showng old town level

main shopping street . Residence Il Centro . Garden next to hotel
A main shopping street; courtyard of my hotel; gate to a park next to the hotel

Residence Il Centro . Mantova . Mantova from lake
My hotel; views of Mantova

Boat trip on the middle and lower lake and Mincio River
departure of boat . middle lake . paper factory
Departure near the castle; Lago di Mezzo (middle lake); paper factory across the lake (architecturally famous)

Mantova skyline from lake
Mantova skyline from the Lago di Mezzo

Walenstadt, Switzerland

On 2-6 July, I was invited to participate in the 10th International Peace Seminar in Walenstadt on the beautiful Walensee in eastern Switzerland. The theme of the seminar was "What Heals? - On Personality and Relationship" with presentations by a number of distinguished psychotherapists, as well as perspectives on justice, music, and my own presentation on "Healing Our Relationship with Nature". For more pictures and a summary report of the seminar, see the separate page.

Walenstadt and the Walensee
Walensee at Walenstadt . Walensee at Walenstadt . Walensee at Walenstadt
The Walensee from my hotel room

Walensee at Walenstadt . Walensee at Walenstadt . Walensee at Walenstadt
views of the Walensee and surrounding mountains


In late July I went to California to join my brother and his family vacationing on the Monterey Peninsula. We enjoyed the beauty of Point Lobos, and hiked to redwood groves up Carmel Valley and in Garrapata Canyon on the Bug Sur coast. See the separate page for family pictures.

Point Lobos is a rocky headland with pine and cypress forests separating Carmel Bay from the coast down to Big Sur. We visited the northeast part of the park with small coves and views across to Carmel and Pebble Beach. There were sea otters and seals near the shore. Sometimes the fog rolls in and blurs the outlines in soft grey light. Other times the sun brings out the colors.

Point Lobos . Point Lobos . Point Lobos succulents on a cliff
North shore of Point Lobos
Point Lobos . sea otters . sea otters
Sea otters

Point Lobos . seal and heron . seals sunning
Heron and seals
Point Lobos . seal

Point Lobos . Point Lobos . Point Lobos
North shore with fog creaping in

Point Lobos . Macrocystis . Point Lobos
Cove with seaweeds

Point Lobos . Point Lobos . Point Lobos
Beautiful red of the poison oak

hills behind Point Lobos . Point Lobos . Point Lobos 

Pebble Beach from Point Lobos . Pebble Beach from Point Lobos . Point Lobos
Views of Pebble Beach from Point Lobos; Carmel Bay and Carmelite Monastery

Garland Park in Carmel Valley has trails up to a ridge and down into a small redwood grove and valley bottom.

Garland Park . Garland Park . Garland Park
Looking down on the redwoods from the top of the ridge; dry streambed in the bottom of the canyon

Garland Park redwoods . Garland Park redwoods
In the redwoods

Garrapata Park in Big Sur also has a trail up a canyon to another redwood grove.

Garrapata Canyon . Garrapata Canyon
Trail up the canyon from the coast through scrub-covered hillsides

Garrapata Canyon . Garrapata Canyon . Garrapata Canyon
The lower canyon; looking back towards the sea; wildflowers

Garrapata Canyon . Garrapata Canyon . wildflowers 
Further up the canyon

Garrapata Canyon redwoods . Garrapata Canyon redwoods . Garrapata Canyon redwoods
Redwood grove in the bottom of the canyon

Garrapata Canyon redwoods . Garrapata Canyon redwoods . Garrapata Canyon redwoods
In the redwoods
Garrapata Canyon redwoods . Garrapata Canyon redwoods . Garrapata Canyon redwoods

Garrapata Canyon redwoods . Garrapata Canyon redwoods . Garrapata Canyon redwoods
Regrowth from an old cut stump; regrowth from a fallen tree

Toronto - ABS/IEF Conference

The Association for Baha'i Studies - North America held its 38th Conference in Toronto, Canada, on 7-10 August 2014, and partnered with the International Environment Forum for its 18th Annual Conference. I co-facilitated a workshop on Environmental Studies on Friday, spoke on Natural Sciences and Society in a plenary panel on Saturday morning, gave another talk and spoke on a panel for the IEF session on Saturday afternoon, and then chaired the IEF Annual General Assembly, so it was a long day. For a full report and the presentations and written texts of these talks, see the IEF web site.

ABS plenary . ABS plenary
ABS plenary
arts performance . reconciliation blanket
One of many arts performances; demonstration of a reconciliation blanket


After the ABS/IEF conference, I spent two weeks in St. Romuald, Lévis, Quebec, with my son Alex, daugher-in-law Mahalia, and grandchildren Benjamin, Alie, and recently arrived Nalah, as well as step-grandson Jérémie. It was good to have time with all the family (see separate page for family pictures). We went for four days to the Quebec Baha'i Summer School (see separate page).

Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge . Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge . Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge, Alex
Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge in Québec, with views of the river from the heights of Québec; Alex looking over the St. Lawrence River

Quebec cityQuebec city . Quebec city
Quebec City across the St. Lawrence River from Lévis

Quebec . Quebec
Quebec City across the river at night

river . river
Forest, river and beach just above rapids withing walking distance from Alex's house


The ebbf - Ethical Business Building the Future annual conference in Barcelona, Spain, discussed "How to create a just workplace?" (see separate page)

hotel . networking . ebbf Governing Board
Conference hotel; networking during the breaks; ebbf Governing Board re-elected


The last weekend of October, I went to Belgrade, Serbia, for an ECPD International Conference in the CIty Hall (see separate page). The last day I had time to visit Belgrade Fortress at the confluence of the Danube and Sava Rivers. For more photos of Belgrade, see the 2012 and 2013 ECPD conferences.

Parliament Building . Square . fountains
The National Parliament across Pionirski Park from the City Hall; Republike Square and fountains

a main shopping street A main shopping street, Knez Mihailova

Belgrade Fortress
map of Belgrade fortress . tower . park
Belgrade fortress at the confluence of the Danube and the Sava Rivers, with walls and towers surrounded by gardens

tower . walls . restaurant
The fortifications, and the entrance to the restaurant where we had lunch

gate . walls . gate
Gates, walls and towers in the fortress

Danube . confluence with Danube . river
Views of the Danube and Sava rivers from the fortress ramparts

rivers from fort . port . statue
The Sava River, and new Belgrade from the fortress, with the Statue of the Victor (right)

walls . traditional house
Fortifications, and a traditional house on the grounds

military museum . military museum
The military museum in the fortress

Sofia, Bulgaria

My trip to Bulgaria in late November was mainly a family visit to my brother Greg and his family. We went for a couple of days to his wife Emi's village of Krupnik in the south where they have a house, and could help his mother-in-law prepare for the winter. In Sofia, I gave an environmental lecture on coral reefs at the Russian lyceum where his daughter Joyce studies ballet, and another lecture on climate change and the energy challenge at the American College where Gregory and Mina study. We also went to a beautiful Russian ballet on ice. We celebrated the American thanksgiving with three roast turkeys and pumpkin pie for a lot of guests, and the twins' sixteenth birthday with another party. There was no time for sightseeing, and not much to see anyway in urban Sofia, so my pictures are just of the family events.

guests waiting for dinner . preparations in the kitchen . the young people ate first
Thanksgiving dinner: the guests waiting; preparations in the kitchen; the young people ate first

young people . young people

Birthday party for the twins, Gregory and Joyce
preparing the birthday cakes . preparing the birthday cakes . preparing the birthday cakes
Preparing the birthday cakes
lighting the candles . Joyce and Gregory . the happy twins
Lighting the candles; Gregory and Joyce, a happy birthday pair

trick candles kept relighting . Joyce and Gregory at sixteen
Trick candles kept relighting; Joyce and Gregory at sixteen

Einsiedeln, Swiss Baha'i Winter School

The last weekend of December, 150 Baha'is and their friends from all over Switzerland gathered in the village of Einsiedeln for a Baha'i Winter School. See separate page, and also the schools from previous years in Einsiedeln in 2012 and 2013.

audience . music workshop singing . children

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