Walenstadt, Switzerland

On 2-6 July, I was invited to participate in the 10th International Peace Seminar in Walenstadt on the beautiful Walensee in eastern Switzerland. The theme of the seminar was "What Heals? - On Personality and Relationship" with presentations by a number of distinguished psychotherapists, as well as perspectives on justice, music, and my own presentation on "Healing Our Relationship with Nature". I had already contributed to one of these seminars in 2006, and more pictures of the region can be seen here.

Walenstadt and the Walensee
Walensee at Walenstadt . Walensee at Walenstadt . Walensee at Walenstadt
The Walensee from my hotel room

Walensee at Walenstadt . Walensee at Walenstadt . Walensee at Walenstadt
views of the Walensee and surrounding mountains
Walensee at Walenstadt . Walenstadt . mountains behind Walenstadt
Walenstadt . seminar site . seminar site
Walenstadt and the Ghaemmaghami house where the seminar was held

International Peace Seminar

After the opening of the seminar by Dr. Assad Ghaemmaghami, with translation by his son Payam, Prof. Farhad Sobhani, a doctor of psychology with psychotherapeutic training who taught for 36 years at the Free University of Berlin, lectured on "Man as a Being with an Eternal Soul - On the Meaning of Spirituality". Professor Vladimir Smekel, emeritus Professor of Psychology at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, gave a beautiful presentation on "Wounds of the Soul and the Healing Power of Friendship". Dr. Ghaemmaghami followed with an explanation of "The Contribution of the Psychology of the Capacity to Know and to Love to Education and Psychotherapy". Arthur Dahl then discussed "Healing Our Relationship with Nature", and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ehlert, full professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the University of Zurich, spoke on "What Heals from the Psychobiological Viewpoint?". Dr. Pearl La Marca-Ghaemmaghami of the University of Zurich explained the importance of "Psychotherapy during Pregnancy", and lawyer and law student Payam and Paya Ghaemmaghami provided a broad perspective on "The Far-reaching Healing Power of Justice". Dr. Assad Ghaemmaghami followed again with presentations on "The Contribution of Couple and Marriage Therapy" and "On Message, Personality Development, and Relationship in Psychotherapy". In the closing session, pianist and composer Peter Held and his wife Petra, discussed and illustrated  "The Significance of Music". All the presentations demonstrated the importance of a spiritual perspective in creating a deeper understanding of human psychology and in making psychotherapy more effective. The seminar was followed by an intercultural summer celebration and barbeque.

Payam and Assad Ghaemmaghami . Prof. Farhad Sobhani . Prof. Farhad Sobhani
Dr. Assad Ghaemmaghami opening the seminar, and first speaker Prof. Farhad Sobhani from Berlin, Payam Ghaemmaghami translating

introducing Prof. Vladimir Smekal . Prof. Vladimir Smekal . Prof. Vladimir Smekal
Introducing the second speaker, Prof. Vladimir Smekal from the Czech Republic

Dr. Assad Ghaemmaghami . audience . audience
Dr. Assad Ghaemmaghami speaking; part of the audience

Payam and Perl La Marca-Ghaemmaghami . Peter Held
Dr. Pearl La Marca-Ghaemmaghami speaking; Peter Held

Petra and Peter Held . Petra and Peter Held
Petra and Peter Held on the significance of music

summer celebration . summer celebration . summer celebration
Intercultural Summer Celebration after the seminar

summer celebration . summer celebration . summer celebration

summer celebration . Ghaemmaghami family
At the barbeque; the Ghaemmaghami family

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