Mantova, Italy

On 20-23 June I was invited to Mantova (Mantua), Italy, to speak at an Ethics Expo organized in part by local Baha'is. The lectures and artistic activities took place at different locations throughout the ancient town of Mantova in the Po Valley of Lombardy that dates back at least to Etruscan (pre-Roman) times. While waiting to give my closing lecture on "Ethics for a Sustainable Economy" (see presentation and video recordings with Italian translation), some very kind local Baha'is took me on a walking tour of the historic centre of the town, and the next day I was treated to a boat tour on the lakes surrounding the town.

The old centre of Mantova
Piazza Erbe and Basilica dome . Piazza Erbe and Rotonda . Rotonda de S. Lorenzo
The Piazza Erbe in the centre of town has the Basilica Sant'Andrea (begun 1472) on one side and the Clock Tower and Rotonda de S. Lorenzo (1083) on the other

Sant'Andrea Basilica, Piazza Erbe . Sant'Andrea Basilica . Sant'Andrea Basilica
Basilica Sant'Andrea with 18th century dome

tower on Piazza Erbe . gothic house, Piazza Erbe . interior, Rotonda de S. Lorenzo
Clock Tower with astrological clock; Casa del Mercante (1455); interior of Rotonda de S. Lorenzo (1083)

Piazza Sordello . Duomo (cathedral) . Palazzo Bianchi and Palazzo Bonacolsi
Piazza Sordello, with Palazzo Ducale (Gonzaga's residence); 13th century Duomo (cathedral); Palazzo Bianchi (Bishop's residence) and Palazzo Bonacolsi

Entrance to Palazzo Ducale . gardens of Palazzo Ducale . gardens of Palazzo Ducale
Palazzo Ducale and its gardens

Church of Santa Barbara . Sta. Barbara bell tower . Sta. Barbara bell tower
Church of Santa Barbara in the Palazzo Ducale, and its bell tower

Palazzo Ducale inner courtyard . ceiling . ceiling in passage way
Inner courtyard of the 500 room Palazzo Ducale; painted ceilings under the arches; passage way through the Palazzo

Castello di San Giorgio . Castello di San Giorgio . Castello di San Giorgio . Castello di San Giorgio
Castello di San Giorgio (1395-1400), part of the Gonzaga's Palazzo Ducale

Castello di San Giorgio . Palazzo Ducale . Palazzo Ducale
Castello di San Giorgio; lakeside facades of the Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Ducale, lake side . Palazzo Ducale from lake .
Lakeside of Palazzo Ducale

Rio from Via Trieste . Rio from Via Trieste . Piazza Martiri di Belfiore
River connecting the upper and lower lakes through the town; Piazza Martiti di Belfiore, showng old town level

main shopping street . Residence Il Centro . Garden next to hotel
A main shopping street; courtyard of my hotel; gate to a park next to the hotel

Residence Il Centro . Mantova . Mantova from lake
My hotel; views of Mantova

Boat trip on the middle and lower lake and Mincio River
departure of boat . middle lake . paper factory
Departure near the castle; Lago di Mezzo (middle lake); paper factory across the lake (architecturally famous)

Mantova skyline from lake
Mantova skyline from the Lago di Mezzo

Basilica dome from lake . Castello from lake . Castello from lake
Basilica dome and castle from the lake

castello from lake . Mantova from lake . Mantova from lake
Castle and Mantova from the lake
bridge between middle and lower lake . Porto Catena . old locks
Bridge separating Lago di Mezzo and Lago Inferiore: Porto Catena (old city port): old lock between lower lake and Mincio RIver

water lilies . water lilies and Virgil's birthplace . Virgil's birthplace
Water lilies in Mincio River nature reserve: village where poet Virgil was born

industry along river . flood gates . industry
Industries along the river; flood gates to protect Mantova from surge up the Po River; side canal

river side . riverside . Mincio River
Vegetation along the riverside; the Mincio RIver heading towards the Po River. The nature reserve is famous for bird life

Lotus . Lotus . Lotus
Lotus introduced to the river does well

A heron hunting

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Last updated 9 July 2014

Photographs copyright © Arthur Lyon Dahl 2014