ebbf at Selsdon Park, U.K.

ebbf - ethical business building the future, held its spring event at Selsdon Park Hotel near Croydon, a suburb of London, on 9-11 May 2014. This Bahá'í-inspired organization to bring values into business and the workplace, brought together a hundred people to consider the question "How can I influence my work and world?" As I am also now Chairman of the Governing Board of ebbf, I went a few days early for a meeting of the Governing Board. This was the third time ebbf has met at Selsdon Park, an Elizabethan estate in extensive grounds with a golf course (see 2012 and 2013 for more pictures).

registration . registration . Selsdon Park Hotel
ebbf registration; Selsdon Park Hotel

Jason Maude . Daniel Truran
Our excellent conference organizer Jason Maude; ebbf Director-General Daniel Truran

Marc Rivers . Sjoerd Luteyn . John Scherer
Keynote speakers Marc Rivers, Sjoerd Luteyn and John Scherer (missing Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes, so interesting I forgot to take a picture)

Sunday panel . Mika Korhonen, Jasper Wegman, Wendi Momen . audience
Sunday panel of Mika Korhonen, Jasper Wegman and Wendi Momen

discussion, Arthur Dahl . discussion, Arthur Dahl . discussion
I was a facilitator for discussions of the keynote talks

audience . audience . audience
the audience
audience, Arthur . Oscar Rosa, Arthur Dahl, Daniele Gotti . discussion 
the audience; Oscar Rosa, me and Daniele Gotti; a discussion group was held after each keynote

Asim Haneef workshop . Haneef workshop
Asim Haneef's learnshop on the power of the media

Cabon workshop . Cabon workshop . Cabon workshop
Alex Cabon's learnshop on discovering our "genius" had us all writing our good qualities on a long scroll
Cabon workshop, Arthur . Cabon workshop . Cabon workshop, Arthur

There were many opportunities for networking
networking . Françoise Le Goff and Sjoerd Luteyn . Daniel Truran, Iko Congo
Jason, Iko, Osric and Daniel; Françoise and Sjoerd; Daniel and Iko

Several IEF members attended the event
Iko, Daniel and Andreas . Wendi Momen, John Scherer . Jason Maude
International Environment Forum (IEF) members present included Iko Congo, Daniel Truran, Andreas Vatsellas, Wendi Momen and Jason Maude

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Last updated 19 May 2014

Photographs copyright © Arthur Lyon Dahl 2013