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Spring is a succession of happy events as different wildflowers make their appearance and the foliage goes through many shades of green. Hazelnut tassles (male flowers) are an early sign of spring.

Hazelnut male flowers Hazelnut tassles

In late February, the first flowers of spring along with the Scilla lilies are the primroses (Primula aricula) in the meadows around the chalet.

Primula aricula

Carpet of primroses in front of the chalet


Then in April come a second Primula, forest violets, and the tulips in front of my bedroom window.

Primula veris

New leaves come out on the trees, and the fruit trees blossom.

Cherry tree 2010

cherry tree in bloom
Cherry tree in bloom

cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms

Crabapple 2010
Crabapple tree and blossoms
Apple blossoms

flowering tree
The trees in the forest bloom too

Orchis militaris
Military Orchid
In May, the first wild orchids start blooming, first the military orchid (Orchis militaris), then a small yellow-green orchid (Listera ovata).
Orchid Listera ovata

The forest lilies include Paris quadrifolia and calla lilies Arum maculatum.
Lily Paris quadrifolia

Calla lilies Arum

In the meadows, there is the unique Colchicum autumnale, which produces large green leaves and seed pods in the spring, which fade and disappear in the summer, to be followed by beautiful purple flowers on long white stems rising directly from the ground in late summer (see summer).

Colchicum autumnale leaves
Colchicum in spring

Colchicum .

In the forest, there are rare patchs of Ail des Ourses (bears' garlic)
Ail des ourses
Ail des ourses



Meadow wildflowers
Pasture flowers

Dandelion Dandelion


The forest gradually awakens, although hints of spring can still bring winter surprises. A late wet snowfall in April 2005 broke off many treetops and felled large trees across my property, the access road, and even my power lines.

February or March sees a carpet of beautiful deep blue lilies (Scilla bifolia) that cover the woodland floor at the far end of my property before the badger dens.

Carpet of lilies

Blue lilies (Scilla bifolia)

Other wildflowers add touches of colour everywhere. I am still trying to learn all their names.

wild rose
wild rose
wild rose


Solomon's Seal Solomon's Seal

Ajuga reptans


The garden plantings also bring colour after the long grey-green winter.

bedroom garden

front garden

front garden

Ajuga is common 
flowers in bedroom garden

Orchid Orchid in garden




Spring is the best time to root out the brambles and dig out the saplings of forest trees that keep invading the meadows.

Hundreds of saplings appear as the forest tries to regenerate, so there are always more to chop out at the roots.

Blackberry brambles are particularly difficult to uproot.

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