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View in summer
The sequence of wildflowers continues through the summer.

Orchid Listera ovata in bloom

The first flowers of the lily Colchicum autumnale appear in mid-August, long after the leaves have disappeared.

Colchicum autumnale
Colchicum . Colchicum

The cows from the farm at the top of the hill graze close by. Their cow bells add some music to go along with the bird songs.

Cows in neighbor's pasture

There are delicious wild strawberries in late spring and summer, and the Arum lilies also produce brightly coloured fruit (but not to eat).

wild strawberry


The low vegetation that serves as a lawn needs monthly cutting. However I try to time a single summer mowing of the meadows to encourage the wildflowers.

Meadow descending from chalet

Summer is also a time for gardening projects, although the soil is too dry for much digging. The badgers, however, enlarge their burrows in summer.
Badger den excavations

The good weather makes this a good time for outside construction and maintenance, like painting the chalet.


The hot summer days are tempered at the chalet which remains comfortable inside, while the large trees uphill and the north-facing slope provide plenty of shade.
Pyramid orchid
Pyramid Orchid
Various wildflowers
. .

white flowers
white flower

The roses and day lilies in my garden bloom in summer.

roses .

Some birds constructed a lovely nest of moss under my balcony, and the three nestlings inside expected me to feed them.


Painting the wood trim

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