La Garde, Bourg-en-Bresse, France

On 5-9 Sepember 2018, I participated in a retreat at the von Kirchbach's Domaine de la Garde, a beautiful 19th century chateau and walled estate near Bourg-en-Bresse in eastern France on the other side of the Jura mountains from Geneva (see previous visits in 2015, 2016 and 2017). The theme this year was "Everyday spirituality and our economic behaviour" and I made a presentation on "Rethinking business and the economy based on spiritual principles". As usual we had a diverse group of participants of diverse spiritual and artistic backgrounds.

Chateau de la Garde . Chateau de la Garde . Chateau de la Garde
The Chateau de La Garde in its extensive gardens

Chateau de la Garde . Chateau de la Garde

group . group . group
Our small but diverse group

Each participant shared perspectives on the topic

a famous musician . presentation . presentations
One participant was a former leader of the Manhattan String Quarter

There were presentations and discussions

presentation . presentation . presentation

Philippe Roch and Sheikh . Margareta & Friedrich with Sheikh . audience
The Sufi Shiekh presented a gift to our hosts

Ed Dommen . audience . audience
Ed Dommen, a former economist with UNCTAD and a Quaker, bridged economics and spirituality

Ed Dommen . discussion . audience

 presentation . audience . audience

presentation . audience . audience

Some sessions and meals were outside, including communing with nature in the chateau gardens

lunch outside . outside . outside

outside . outside . outside

in nature . in nature . in nature
Philippe Roch, former Swiss Director of the Environment, guided us in meditation

We had time to walk in the woods surrounding the domaine

walk in the woods . in the woods . resting in the woods

walking in the woods . Buddhist monk . walk
Also stopping to rest and meditate


There were also musical interludes

music . music

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Last updated 25 December 2018

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